Construction & Real Estate

The scope of services we provide covers real estate development projects of all sizes. We support our clients’ project needs in all stages of the process from municipal approvals through financing and construction to the ultimate sale of the units.

In all matters related to the acquisition and disposition of commercial property our team takes the clients’ specific needs and circumstances into account when assisting them in the negotiation and completion of your transaction. In real estate, our expertise includes; development of zoning and planning, cases filed about disputes arising from Condominium Law, preparation of Flat-for-Land Construction Contracts, Real Estate Promise-to-Sell Contracts, Management Plans, and establishment of Easement and Condominium Rights

Should borrowers require legal advice on the financing component of real estate transactions, we offer practical solutions for both secured and unsecured financing needs. When negotiating these financing commitments, we focus on solving critical issues from the outset to avoid them turning into larger problems down the road.


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